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Contrary to the characters in my books, I don’t really kill people, or catch those who do, so the blog posts might be about reading, or writing, or animals. These are the things I have great passion for.

A Noise of War: Caesar, Pompey, Octavian and the Struggle for Rome

A Noise of  War: Caesar, Pompey, Octavian & the Struggle for Rome - A.J. Langguth This was a wonderful read. It is NOT the best book if you want a detailed account of the history of Rome during this time, but it does give a great overview of Caesar's life and several key events of the time. The best thing about the book is the way it is written, with a nice easy style that does not bore you. A serious student of history would likely want something more detailed, but for the casual reader, or, for someone who wants a refresher on this time period it is great. I highly recommend it.