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Contrary to the characters in my books, I don’t really kill people, or catch those who do, so the blog posts might be about reading, or writing, or animals. These are the things I have great passion for.


Headhunters - Charlie Cole Mistakes mar a potentially good book.
I really wanted to like this book. I'm a headhunter myself, and I love thrillers, so this appealed to me on several levels. The book started out good, and I was looking for an enjoyable read, but I hit a few bumps along the way. 

I'm overly picky when it comes to mistakes of any kind, so some of these things might not bother other readers, but the book had too many mistakes for me to truly enjoy it. There were grammatical mistakes, words misused, words and even sentences repeated, and dialogue tags misused. I also had a problem believing some of the action that took place. 

I read some of the other reviews and a lot of people gave this book high marks. Obviously the things I mentioned don't bother them like they bother me. If you can tolerate the things I mentioned, by all means pick this book up. You will probably like it. It's fast-paced, and reads as if it were written for the screen. Charlie has good storytelling skills and he knows how to build suspense. I just wish he had spent a little more time correcting the errors.