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Huntress Moon (Huntress/FBI Thrillers, #1)

Huntress Moon (Huntress/FBI Thrillers, #1) - Alexandra Sokoloff I picked Huntress Moon up because it was rated so highly, and I saw nothing in the reviews to dissuade me from giving it a try. I'm not one to suffer through a book; if it doesn't keep my interest after 30 or 40 pages, I put it down, or in the case of a digital, remove it from my shelf. Huntress Moon wasn't an "absolutely must" read that had me scrambling to get to it every night, but I found that I looked forward to reading it, and that if it came to reading or doing something else, I opted to read. I have to tell you, that doesn't happen often enough for me anymore. It was also interesting enough so that I finished it in four sessions. Again, that's something that doesn't happen very often.

I don't summarize books when I review them, but I try to address the main issues.

1. plot was a good one. It wasn't so memorable that it's one I'll talk about forever, like "The Usual Suspects," but it was a well-done plot with no obvious holes.
2. character development was both excellent and mediocre. Keep in mind, this is all how the characters appealed to me, this one reader. I loved the Huntress. I was less enthused about either of the FBI agents. I felt the main protag tended to dwell on things too much. But again, I have to say, I loved the Huntress.
3. Storytelling. I think this is where Sokoloff showed her best stuff. She is an excellent storyteller. And for my money, that is probably the most important thing in a book. She knows when to turn up the heat, when to tone it down, and when to break a chapter and leave you hanging. It was very well done.
4. The book was formatted well, with no mistakes or typos that I saw. Another pleasant surprise, as I have been finding more and more mistakes in both independent and traditionally published works.

In summary, this was a book I would recommend as a good read, and I will definitely be getting more of Sokoloff's books. If you like a good plot, an excellent antag, and a well-told story, do yourself a favor and check out Huntress Moon.