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The Sword of Carthage

The Sword of Carthage - Vaughn Heppner I love history told this way. Heppner seems to have done his homework on facts, not that I'm an expert, but I have read a lot on the Second Punic War, and two books on the First Punic War. If Heppner strayed it wasn't far.

He also did a good job of constructing the tale. It's difficult to relate history this way, keep the facts, but make it interesting. I give him credit for that, too.

Now comes the difficult part. For as much work as Heppner put into his research, I wish he would have put half as much into a good copy editor and proofreader. I found it inexcusable that this book had so many mistakes, both typos and words misused. A few are understandable, but not this many. More than a couple of dozen. The shame of it is that mistakes ruin a good read, at least for me they do, and it wouldn't have taken him too much time or money to hire someone to correct that.

With that said, I would still recommend this as a decent read for anyone interested in the First Punic War, and in Hamilcar Barca. I would have rated this at least 4.5 stars if the mistakes had been within reason.