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Darkspire Reaches

Darkspire Reaches - C.N. Lesley I'll start this review by saying, I love reading fantasy. There was a time, not too long ago, when I felt as if the fantasy genre had died. Not much new was coming out, and what did show up on the shelves didn't suit me. Lately I've seen a resurgence of excellent fantasy stories, and Darkspire Reaches is one of them.

Lesley knows how to build a world, and create--not just characters--but whole races of them, complete with speech patterns and a recognizable cadence that sucks you into her world. From the first chapter you know you are entering a new world, and by the third chapter, you are already familiar with it.

Some authors plop you down in the middle of a fiery battle in a desperate attempt to get your interest. Lesley goes about it differently. There is a confidence in her writing that allows for a slow build of tension, but each chapter has the right level of suspense, and, if you're a careful reader, you'll spot the foreshadowing woven into the pages by a master wordsmith.

This wasn't a book that demanded to be devoured in one sitting, but each bit I read left a good taste in my mouth, like a fine glass of wine, and I realized I was eager to get back to reading each night. As I neared the end, I had to stay up later than I wanted to find out what happened. I wasn't disappointed.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.