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The Drop (A Harry Bosch Novel)

The Drop - Michael Connelly I have been reading Harry Bosch novels since Connelly started, and, for the most part, I've really enjoyed them. Connelly writes great police procedurals, and manages to keep the pace up while providing the details necessary to satisfy the readers who demand details, details, details.

For more years than I care to count, he has kept the Bosch character true to his ethics, and usually in conflict with someone in the department, adding flavor for the books.

In "The Drop" Connelly starts out fine, and the dual plot line appealed to me. I tend to like books with multiple plot or story lines. Usually with dual lines, one of them holds more interest than the other, even if only by a touch. The problem I had with THE DROP was that neither one of his plot lines delivered enough to really keep me turning pages. The conflict felt a little forced, and at times I felt as if Bosch tooted his own horn a bit too much.

Don't get me wrong, the book wasn't bad. I gave it three stars, which for me is a good book. It means I finished it, and found no major flaws with it. As usual, the writing was good. No mistakes, no plot holes, and no going off on tangents like too many authors do. Connelly is still at the top of the game, and I plan on continuing to pick up his novels as soon as they come out. I've been reading him and John Sandford for @ twenty years, and I wouldn't miss a single launch.