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The Informant (Butcher's Boy Series #3)

The Informant - Thomas Perry The Informant, Thomas Perry.

I have been a big fan of Perry since the early days. Butcher's Boy was one of my favorites, and Sleeping Dogs held up well. I thought I would be disappointed with Vanishing Act, but wasn't.

The Informant has been great in that it allowed me to revisit BB after so many years, but it brought a little baggage with it. Thomas Perry is one of the best at developing a character who knows their business. Not many hit men I remember were drawn as well as the original BB. And when he switched to Jane Whitefield in Vanishing Act, he did a fantastic job of showing her skills at helping people disappear. I remember thinking "damn, I wish I could write like that."

The Informant had a lot going for it, and Perry once again did a great job of painting the exceptional skills of his hit man, but I felt that was where the character development ended. I didn't buy into Waring's character or the decisions she made. And with a few exceptions, none of the other characters stood out. I also found the plot to be a little lacking, and the wrap up slightly rushed and with a few too many holes.

Having said that, I still enjoyed book, and I finished it. Lately I have found myself putting down a lot of books, so just to finish it was good. I hope this was just a case of Perry moving this book along a little too fast, and that he takes more time on the next one, because for almost thirty years, he has been one of my favorite authors, along with Sandford, Crais, Connelly, etc…

If you can suspend disbelief for a while, and you can tolerate a little less depth in some of the characters, I'd recommend The Informant for anyone who likes this type of book. If you have any interest in hit-men stories, it's worth it to see the superb mechanics Perry brings to the table. He's great with the details.