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Only the Innocent

Only the Innocent - Rachel Abbott Rachel abbott is a talented writer who brings a lot of great tools to the table. She does a magnificent job of setting the scene, and providing beautiful prose for descriptions. Her attention to detail is to be admired.

This isn't my normal type of read, but my wife read this and loved it, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Rachel's characters are well painted with a good amount of depth. A few times I questioned whether one or the other would really act that way, but that is a subjective opinion, and, in a discussion afterwards, my wife indicated she had no problem with it.

I had a little bigger issue with plot, and the way the story was told. A couple of times I thought the author revealed a tad too much, almost as if she didn't trust the reader to pick up on something. It is a shame, because if left alone the well-placed clues would have worked wonderfully, but I personally felt the author drew just a tad too much attention to them. With that said, it was definitely not enough to spoil the book or the plot for me.

The characters were well done. Some likable and some not, as it should be. I found that I loathed the antag, yet Rachel did a great job of giving him traits that made you say...okay, this woman could have fallen for him, a crucial element to the story.

Overall it was a good read that moved along at a nice pace, and with no major flaws. She wrapped it up nicely in the end.

I said earlier that this isn't the type of book I normally pick up to read, but after finishing this, I would definitely get Rachel's next book.