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Contrary to the characters in my books, I don’t really kill people, or catch those who do, so the blog posts might be about reading, or writing, or animals. These are the things I have great passion for.

Night Angel Trilogy: The Way of Shadows / Shadow's Edge / Beyond the Shadows

The Night Angel Trilogy - Brent Weeks Brent Weeks created a great world and a cast of wonderful characters. Durzo Blint ranks high on my list as one of the best assassins in fantasy, and he has a lot of competition there. In Night Angel, the assassins are called "wetboys" and Durzo not only rules the ranks, his character comes with a few surprises-nice ones. All too often, an assassin or hit man border being one dimensional. Not the case with Durzo. He is complex, and at times, is both likeable and detestable. Just the way it should be. And if having Durzo Blint isn't enough, Weeks dreamed up another fantastic character in the form of the apprentice, Kylar.

The antagonists in the books are worthy of respect, and they, too, come with a full and mysterious past. The plot is thick, and well-thought out, and the worldbuilding is just as I like it. I can picture it, imagine myself skulking down the alleys, and roaming the peculiar places on the outskirts, yet Weeks accomplishes all this without wasting valuable pages.

A few times during books two and three I felt the tiniest bit of rushing on the plot, but, at least for me, I'd rather a book be moved along a tad too fast than dragged out. Another great thing that Weeks managed to do was to fill the books with secondary characters worthy of his two protags. Every one of them felt real, even if only on the scene for a few pages.

I had quit reading fantasy for almost a year until someone told me about this series and I am very glad I picked it up. I'll be getting his next series as well. Good work, Brent. Keep it up.